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Applications Open July 2024.

Purpose of Scholarship Program

Based on the results of the NCDT welfare survey, 47% of medically transitioned CDs are not satisfied with their new careers. While this is lower than the level of dissatisfaction from those who transitioned for other reasons, this cohort struggle more than other ex-serving CDs to find meaning in their lives and are more likely to feel trapped or worthless in their current circumstances. Many are also reliant on funding from DVA to supplement income and are reluctant to use their limited funds to take on training that may lead to them having a more purposeful life. The aim of these scholarships is to help motivate medically transitioned CDs to take on new challenges through education, and to regain a personal identity and purpose that adds meaning to their new civilian lives.


The NCDT Scholarship is designed to cater for multiple recipients across various paths to post service fulfilment through education and or training.

The NCDT Scholarship provides a maximum of $5,000 to a single applicant within a single year towards legitimate education and or training costs. Examples include small business or other courses through professional based RTOs, or costs of textbooks, essential equipment, home office costs, travel and placement expenses required to participate in a HECS – HELP funded course.

Recipients of the scholarships would keep the receipts of costs and be reimbursed at the end of the course / semester and continue up until the completion of the course or until the scholarship is exhausted or may request to have the funds paid in advance under circumstances of financial hardship.

Nomination & Eligibility

Ex-serving CDs nominate for the program using a standard form available from the NCDT website. Before assessment by NCDT, a process to confirm that the applicant served as a CD will be undertaken.

Applications for scholarships will open at the commencement of the financial year or a time in which scholarship funding is made available. Applications will remain open for approximately 6 weeks with time allowed for consideration of each application by the Trustees, and to undertake interviews where appropriate. Applications only remain current for the period of consideration. A successful CD is not allowed to apply for a second application to complete the same training at a later time. Unsuccessful applicants may apply again at a later stage however a new application is required to be made.

The CD will need to confirm that they are not receiving funding from another ex-service organisation for the same training.

Applications to be submitted to chairman@ncdt.org.au

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